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Häufig gestellte Fragen zum kulturellen Eintauchen

Häufig gestellte Fragen
Kulturelles Immersionsprogramm

Wir möchten, dass Sie vor Ihrer Ankunft so viel wie möglich über Spanien im Ausland wissen.  Bitte werfen Sie einen Blick auf einige der am häufigsten gestellten Fragen, die wir über die Erfahrungen mit Spanien im Ausland erhalten.  Wenn eine Frage hier nicht aufgeführt ist oder Sie weitere Erläuterungen zu einer der aufgeführten Antworten wünschen, zögern Sie bitte nicht, uns zu kontaktieren.  Wir lieben es, über Spanien im Ausland zu sprechen!

  • Do I need to be able to speak Spanish?
    No. Prior to arrival, you will take an online assessment of your Spanish knowledge which will help us enroll you in the proper level for class. This could mean being conversationally fluent in Spanish to never speaking a word of Spanish before. We have the options and flexibility to meet you where you are and support you as you become more comfortable using the Spanish language.
  • What is your policy on alcohol?
    The minimum drinking age in Spain is 18. If you are of legal age, responsible drinking is allowed outside of your home. No alcohol is allowed in the life coaching house. The European relationship with alcohol tends to be much different than Americans, where one or two glasses of wine or beer while eating tapas with friends is appropriate. Drinking deemed excessive will be a topic of conversation with your coach as we encourage you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Becoming drunk or belligerent is not tolerated at Spain Abroad.
  • Will I have my tech?
    Yes, you are allowed to bring your cellphones and laptops to Spain Abroad. You will need your laptops for classes (yes, the house has wifi), and you will need your cellphones for communication with staff and students in the program, but also for communication with friends and family back home. Be mindful of the difference in time zones! We also encourage you to take pictures and post on social media. This is an incredible experience. We fully expect that you want to share information and pictures with those that you care about.
  • What is your Covid Protocol?
    Spain has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, but that doesn’t mean Covid is nonexistent here. In case of an outbreak, we do want to share our Covid Protocol. · We will have Covid home tests available should student have symptoms · Cleaning and disinfectant supplies and hand sanitizer are available in all apartments · Apartment checks are done periodically for health reasons · If a student has cold symptoms, they must wear mask around group members
  • What about travel insurance?
    Travel insurance is not a part of the Spain Abroad tuition. We do work with an insurance broker that provides insurance for all the students in the program. It is wonderful insurance that is accepted by our local hospital.
  • Can I meet people and date while at Spain Abroad?
    Dating is acceptable if and when it doesn’t interfere with group activities and responsibilities of the program. Students are still expected to be back at agreed upon curfews and to stay with the group on Saturday evenings. Dating should not interfere with a student's ability to participate in any and all activities.
  • Can my family visit?
    While our students are in the program, we ask families to refrain from visiting, but we do encourage them to visit when the program ends, allowing the student to show them around Estepona, introduce them to the staff, and give them a glimpse into what their life has been like over the past few months.
  • Can I use Marijuana at Spain Abroad?
    No. Even though Marijuana is considered “legal” in Spain, you must be a citizen of Spain to purchase it, therefore, any attempt to purchase or use marijuana will be illegal. At Spain Abroad we have a zero tolerance, no drug policy.
  • How long will I stay at Spain Abroad?
    For those students in the Life Coaching Program, Spain Abroad works on a college calendar system, where students are committing to the entire length of the semester with the opportunity to stay for multiple semesters. You will be applying for a student visa since your time in Spain could be longer than 3 months. Ultimately, we want you to make whatever decision will leave you most prepared to take on the world!
  • Will I have roommates?
    Yes! For many students coming to Spain Abroad, the goal will be to enter, or re-enter college. Because of this, we want to replicate that similar experience of shared space. There is plenty of room and time for personal space whenever desired. That being said, we encourage you to interact and engage with other students and staff as much as possible. We really want to create a "family" like atmosphere at Spain Abroad.
  • What does communication with my family look like?
    At Spain Abroad, we encourage students to communicate with their families. The easiest way to communicate while in Spain is through WhatsApp, so we ask students and families to download the app prior to arrival. We are an academic focused program with similar communication expectations as any college or university. Parent coaches can be available upon request.

Spanien im Ausland Studenten sollten einen starken Wunsch haben, sich an dem Programm zu beteiligen, an der spanischen Kultur teilzuhaben, hart zu arbeiten und offen dafür zu sein, neue Dinge auszuprobieren.  Es wird von Ihnen erwartet, dass Sie an Ihren Kursen teilnehmen, an Aktivitäten zur Erstellung von Lebensläufen teilnehmen und alles nutzen, was diese erstaunliche Gelegenheit zu bieten hat. 

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